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I CAN help you or your child SOAR like wings on Eagle! You deserve the best; let Dr Alex Ng and his Superb Warrior Team, help you to achieve it.

I want to congratulate, thank and welcome you to GCEOSchool.com – Integrated portal for Singapore Cambridge GCE “Ordinary” Level, Advanced Level,  Normal level, and IB level, a division of Warrior Education Ministry Clinic.

I quit my very comfortable job as a school teacher in a TOP Singapore Integrated Program school; drawing a six-figure salary annually. Some consider a risk, but I need to sense the urgency to be in the mission field – coaching hungry for success students so that via education can break free from bondage, poor, and have a passport to a better life. Sometimes, refer to the cries of the needy, here we stand in-between, providing a bridge of hope.

My passion is to see All students excel in the GCE “O” level .  It’s a calling. YES, a sacrifice but I know its worth! The greatest reward is when I can contribute to change the student destiny, character, thinking and view of life.

With a team of 3 highly experienced tutors who are passionate and who believe that each student has innate potential which they can capitalise on to achieve their best in life.

If you are serious (students of all academic capabilities are welcome!) and you have a thirst  for success in life, come and see how we can help you to achieve your academic goals in life! The child benefit personally by tapping into his wealth knowledge, pastoral care, inspiring teaching moments and experience. Dr Ng is well-versed in the syllabus that he could complete the requirement in 2 hours flat.

There is no time to waste. Start your success right now! click for schedule here.

Just ONE mission: Helping you to score with passionate heart, mind and love.

Good things in life are meant to be shared, so spread the good news to your loved ones & friends too.

Giving Hopes to dreams! Life is a gift; we must learn to celebrate it!

To Your Success, with Love & Gratitude


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